Wednesday, 1 July 2015

[Game of Thrones] The Dornish Master Plan

As any Game of Thrones fan knows, Doran Martell is a pretty clever man. He has been expertly manipulating events in the books to ensure the dominance of Dorne. Many characters and settings have changed for the show though, leaving fans confused as to what Doran's endgame is. Clearly his master plan will be as equally genius, but what is it?

In the books, Doran has another son, Quentyn. Doran sends him to marry Dany but in reality he is a disposable pawn being sent on a fool's errand. Quentyn bumbles about for a book achieving nothing with no hand to play before getting roasted alive by a dragon. This causes Dorne to turn against Dany, allowing Doran to ally himself with fAegon, a claimant to the throne.

Of course, in the television show there is no Quentyn, and no fAegon. Or is there? Some of these characters may have been standing right there in front of our noses this whole time.

His son Trystane is also his son. Why does Doran, a master strategist, let him go on a boat with Jaime onto to also have Myrcella killed? This gives Trystane as a hostage to the Lannisters who will surely kill him. Unless of course, Trystane is the show's version of Quentyn, a disposable son-pawn for Doran to discard.

Who then is fAegon? Could the Dorne plot have had a secret meaning after all in introducing this vital character to Westeros?

Yes. Doran has met with fAegon in secret, pledging to help the Targaryan take the throne. Like the books, he plans to have one of his daughters marry fAegon. But who is fAegon?
That's right. Bronn. Bronn has a mysterious past, and could easily be a secret Targaryan prince. His mission to Dorne made no sense unless it was to secretly treat with Doran. Doran's daughters are madly in love with his princely charms and cured him of a deadly poison. With Trystane a hostage and/or dead, the Lannisters will think they have Doran where they want him, not realising that they are indeed dancing to the tune of the mastermind Doran and his prince, Bronn.


  1. Brah, The sad excuse that was The Sand Snakes, are Oberyn's daughters, not Doran's. Arianne is Doran's daughter and she wasn't even in the show.

  2. Have you even read the book? Do you have any clue what the story is?

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